AAE To Form Government with the Support of the People, Asif Zardari


The President and former President of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Asif Ali Zardari, has stated that the PPP remains committed to serving the people of Pakistan. He further emphasized that the continuous electoral success of the PPP in Sindh is a testament to the trust of the people.

Zardari made these remarks during a gathering at Zardari House, addressing party workers and leaders. He expressed that the PPP is a living reality from Karachi to Kashmir, and with the support of the people, the PPP will establish a government for the people.

During the meeting, Zardari discussed future general elections and sought recommendations regarding practical political strategies from a delegation consisting of loyalists and leaders. Alongside former President of the country Asif Zardari, Tariq Masood Arain, Haji Ali Hassan Zardari, Ali Akbar Jamali, Chaudhry Abdul Qayyum Arain, Chaudhry Ayub Rajput, Haji Shoaib Arain, Chaudhry Ayub Jat, Aashiq Zardari, and other attendees were present.


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