Kenya and Tanzania prepare for Cyclone Hidaya as flood fatalities increase | Weather Update


The Kenyan government has issued mandatory evacuations for residents living near 178 dams and water reservoirs in 33 counties due to the looming threat of Cyclone Hidaya. The cyclone is expected to make landfall in Tanzania, bringing heavy rainfall and strong winds to the region, including parts of Kenya.

The devastating floods in East Africa have already claimed nearly 400 lives, with thousands forced from their homes. In Kenya alone, at least 210 people have died and over 165,000 people have been displaced since March. The El Nino weather pattern has exacerbated the heavy rains, causing more destruction in the region.

The Tanzanian Red Cross Society has warned of more weather disruption with the arrival of Cyclone Hidaya, which is expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds. In Tanzania, at least 155 people have been killed by flooding and landslides in recent days.

In response to the crisis, Kenyan President William Ruto has ordered evacuations for residents near dams and water reservoirs, as well as deploying the military to assist in evacuation efforts. The government has also urged vigilance for flash floods and other weather-related hazards.

The tourism sector in Kenya has also been affected, with some tourists stranded in wildlife reserves due to flooding. The devastating dam burst near Mai Mahiu resulted in dozens of deaths, with many still missing.

Critics have accused the government of being ill-prepared and slow to respond to the crisis, despite warnings of extreme weather events. Human Rights Watch has called on the government to fulfill its obligations to protect its citizens during disasters.


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