Outrage as A-Level Results Disappoint Pakistani Students


Thousands of Pakistani students who received their Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) AS and A-Level results are expressing their disappointment. The majority of students received lower grades than expected, with many Cs, Ds, Es, and Us. The issue stems from predicted grades awarded by CIE during the three days when exams were canceled due to protests in Pakistan. As a result, many students who were provisionally admitted to prestigious institutions, both within and outside the country, are now unable to meet their usual admission standards.

This situation has prompted one major university to revise its admission criteria specifically for students who took their exams during the May/June series. Additionally, Maryam Nawaz, a Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader, has called on CIE to review the grading system for this year.

The disappointing results have led students to vent their frustrations on social media. Some are considering having their papers rechecked, retaking exams they did poorly in, or even changing their subjects entirely. Many students feel that their hard work has been devalued, comparing it to the devaluation of the Pakistani currency against the British pound. They question why their A* grades in O-Levels result in lower grades in A-Levels.

Meanwhile, the IBA (Institute of Business Administration) has revised its admission policy to accommodate the high number of students who fell short of the grade requirement. Dr. Asad Ilyas, the Registrar of IBA, stated that the university had lowered admission requirements for some programs, allowing more students to qualify. He also expressed frustration with CIE’s lack of flexibility in catering to the local situation and compared it to their more accommodating response during the global Covid pandemic.

Maryam Nawaz has also voiced her concern over the results, highlighting the impact on students’ university offers and future careers. She called for a review of CIE’s grading system, considering the unprecedented political turmoil students faced while taking their exams.

Civil rights campaigner Jibran Nasir has also urged CIE to take notice of the grievances expressed by students regarding the grading of their exams.

Overall, the A-Level results have severely disappointed Pakistani students, sparking outrage and calls for a remedy to address the unfair grading system and its impact on their academic dreams and future prospects.


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