Man Arrested for Sexually Harassing Girl in Lahore


A video of a man sexually harassing a young girl in the Lohari Gate area of Lahore recently went viral on social media. Acting swiftly, the city’s Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) took notice of the incident and ordered the immediate arrest of the perpetrator.

The arrest was made within an hour of the video going viral on various social platforms. The police revealed that the accused had a history of harassing women in the area.

In a separate incident on July 3, another man in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Juahar attempted to sexually assault a woman. He was seen removing his shorts on the road in a video that circulated widely.

The suspect, dressed in a red shirt and white shorts, stopped his red motorcycle in front of a house. The video shows him removing his shorts with the intention to harass the passing woman. However, the woman resisted, and the perpetrator quickly retreated, putting his shorts back on, and fleeing the scene.

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