US Warns Pakistan of Sanctions Risk for Doing Business with Iran | Political News


Pakistan has been cautioned by the United States about the potential for sanctions following promises of increased security and economic cooperation with Iran during a visit by President Ebrahim Raisi. Raisi, the first Iranian president to visit Pakistan in eight years, concluded his visit with plans to increase bilateral trade to $10bn a year over the next five years. The two countries also agreed to cooperate in the energy sector, including the long-delayed Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project.

The US Department of State has warned Pakistan against engaging in business deals with Iran, citing the risk of sanctions. Foreign policy expert Muhammad Faisal believes these threats are intended to deter Pakistan and raise the cost of doing business with Iran. Despite Iran’s readiness to export gas through the pipeline, Pakistan has been hesitant to proceed due to fears of US sanctions.

Pakistan is currently facing economic challenges and seeking financial assistance from allies like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the US, all of whom consider Iran a rival. As Pakistan navigates its relationships with both the US and Iran, it must prioritize its national interest and focus on expanding trade and energy cooperation with Iran while also maintaining engagement with the US.

The future of the Pakistan-Iran relationship hinges on Pakistan’s ability to leverage its resources and diplomatically navigate the conflicting interests of the US and Iran. Ultimately, Pakistan must determine what is in its best interest and seek support from its allies to address its economic challenges while balancing relationships with both countries.


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