Thousands of students protest against Israel in American universities, dozens arrested


Protests on Brooklyn Street were met with a police crackdown in New York.

New York: Intensity grew in demonstrations against Israel at American universities, with thousands of students taking to the streets in Brooklyn, including Jewish students. The protesters demanded an end to Israeli bombing of sleeping Palestinians in Gaza. While the American police cracked down on universities, resulting in arrests of protesters on a large scale, this action only increased the intensity of the protests.

Yesterday, a large protest took place on Brooklyn Street, where New York police launched a crackdown and arrested multiple students who had blocked roads causing traffic jams.

According to news agency Reuters, the increasing protests in America against Israel in the Gaza conflict reflect deep discontent and restlessness among the citizens regarding American policy. Pro-Palestinian protesters, supporters of the Palestinians, are directing sharp criticism towards President Joe Biden, whom they label as a self-proclaimed “Zionist”.

Protests in universities have now transformed beyond demonstrations into sit-in camps, with various students and professors from different backgrounds participating. Among them are not only Muslims, but also Jewish individuals. These sit-ins include teaching and learning activities, worship according to one’s religious beliefs, and musical performances.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations criticized the use of police force to suppress differing opinions, stating that it harms academic freedom.


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