Investigation Launched into Suspended Chief Rubiales’ Forcible Kiss


Spain’s top criminal court has initiated a preliminary investigation into Luis Rubiales, the suspended chief of Spanish football, following allegations of sexual assault. The investigation stems from Rubiales forcibly kissing World Cup player, Jenni Hermoso, on the lips during the medal ceremony after Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup.

The National Court, which opened the investigation, stated that the act was non-consensual based on Hermoso’s public statements. Legal experts will contact Hermoso to provide her with information about her rights as a potential victim of sexual assault and the option to file a complaint.

If Hermoso decides not to file a lawsuit, it may be challenging for prosecutors to proceed with the case. As of now, the court has received six complaints regarding Rubiales’ actions, none of which were filed by Hermoso.

FIFA has provisionally suspended Rubiales for 90 days, but he may face an extended suspension by the Spanish government if the sports court determines that Rubiales committed “very serious” offenses or abused his authority.

During the investigation, 81 players from the women’s side went on strike to protest against Rubiales, while 11 members of the RFEF women’s football staff offered their resignations.

Rubiales’ conduct has drawn criticism from various quarters. Andres Iniesta, the scorer of the winning goal in the men’s World Cup final in 2010, expressed disappointment that Rubiales’ actions had tarnished the achievements of women’s football. Spain’s Second Deputy Prime Minister, Yolanda Diaz, also condemned those who supported Rubiales, stating that they were unfit to remain in their positions.

In light of these events, Rubiales’ mother has gone on a hunger strike in protest against the treatment of her son.

As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen what further actions will be taken against Rubiales and how this incident will impact Spanish football and the fight against sexual assault in sports.


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