Relief in Electricity Bills: Final Decision Expected Today


Energy Minister Muhammad Ali met with Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar to discuss the current situation regarding the inflated electricity bills that the citizens have received. The purpose of the meeting was to find ways to provide relief to consumers of power.

The Caretaker Prime Minister has called for another session today, which will be attended by representatives from the Ministry of Water and Power and power distribution companies. The goal of this session is to develop a strategy to address the public outcry over the increase in electricity prices. The Caretaker Prime Minister had given a 48-hour deadline for the formation of this strategy.

During the emergency meeting, the Caretaker Prime Minister was briefed on the rise in July electricity bills. He emphasized the need to implement measures that will not burden the national exchequer while providing convenience to consumers. The Caretaker Prime Minister also directed the relevant ministries to provide complete details of the officers and institutions enjoying free electricity.

It was decided during the meeting that a detailed consultation on the issue of excess billing in July and the implementation of energy-saving measures will be discussed with provincial chief ministers tomorrow.

Across Pakistan, people are protesting against the inflated electricity bills, putting pressure on the government to provide relief. The protesters are demanding that the government put an end to the provision of free electricity to privileged individuals and address the issue of high bills, which often exceed their salaries.


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