“Russia comes to life” – ARY NEWS


Natalia Yermakova’s husband, Alexander, has been fighting in Ukraine after responding to President Vladimir Putin’s mobilization call. After being wounded on the battlefield, he was operated on and then sent back to the front after recovering. Now, his wife is volunteering as part of a “Family Battalion” along with around 40 mostly female relatives of mobilized men in Moscow. They spend their free time helping by threading camouflage netting, making signs to mark minefields, gathering candles, and assembling food parcels. Yermakova supports the “special military operation” in Ukraine and believes it is necessary. She does not share the concern of other wives who demand that their husbands be demobilized. Yermakova is committed to supporting the soldiers morally and emotionally. She believes that Russia is waking up and understanding the compelling reasons for the war. Despite the challenges, tango dancing has been a consistent thread in their wartime life and has kept them connected.


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