Protest in Karachi University by Palestinian and American students for unity


Thousands of students and female students participated in the protest.

Karachi: A protest was organized by the student organization at Karachi University to express solidarity with Palestine, in which hundreds of students and female students participated. The student organization protested at Karachi University in support of the students in American universities expressing solidarity with Palestine. The protest organized by the Islami Jamiat Taliba saw the participation of hundreds of students and female students.

On this occasion, Amir of Islami Jamiat Taliba Karachi, Noman Zafar Khan, addressed the protesters, stating that the people of Gaza have gathered at Karachi University to express solidarity. The oppressed Palestinians have shaken the world with their sacrifices. Palestine has been struggling for its rights for 77 years, and the whole world is involved in this struggle. While talking about the freedom of expression, they have issued show-cause notices to students expressing solidarity with Palestine, claiming that students are peaceful and have stood against the oppressor.

He stated that students have established a camp at the university, and they receive threats to dismantle the camp. The aim of this struggle is to grant freedom to Palestine, and as Muslims, we should all be involved in this struggle. Karachi University, not just from every faculty, students should come together to show unity.

At this occasion, the protesters expressed their sorrow and anger, raised the flag of Palestine, and shouted slogans against Israel.


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