Poll Shows Most Americans Disapprove of Israel’s Gaza Actions


A recent poll reveals that a majority of Americans (55%) now oppose Israel’s military action in Gaza, a significant increase from November 2023. Among Democrats, 75% disapprove of Israel’s actions, reflecting a clear disconnect between President Joe Biden’s policies and public opinion. Analysts suggest that the Biden administration should reconsider its support for Israel in light of these findings. Despite growing international demands for a ceasefire, Israel continues its bombardment of Gaza, leading to a humanitarian crisis. Biden’s approval rating for handling the situation in the Middle East is at a low 27%, with Democrats showing more disapproval. As protests against Biden’s Gaza policy grow, experts warn of the difficulty of the issue for the President’s re-election campaign. Critics believe Biden has been too aligned with Israel, prompting calls for uncommitted voting in state primaries. Protests are escalating, with a national movement pushing for a permanent ceasefire.


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