First step towards the transfer of Urdu University’s Principal seat, Campus Incharge appointments made in Karachi.


The announcement of the appointments of Campuses Incharge for Abdul Haq Campus and Gulshan Campus has been made – File: Photo

Karachi: The Vice Chancellor of Federal Urdu University, Professor Dr. Zahida Khan Shinwari, has taken the first step towards the formal transfer of the University’s ‘Principal Seat’ (Vice Chancellor’s Secretariat) from Karachi and has decided the appointments of Campuses Incharge for both campuses in Karachi (Abdul Haq and Gulshan Iqbal) for the first time in the 20-year history of the University.

Official notifications have also been issued by the Acting Registrar of Federal Urdu University, stating that the Vice Chancellor has delegated most of his administrative, academic, and financial powers to the respective Campuses Incharge, indicating that the Vice Chancellor will now oversee the University’s affairs from Islamabad and the two major and important campuses of the University will be practically run by the Campuses Incharge.

According to the notifications issued, Dr. Shahid Iqbal has been appointed as the Incharge of Abdul Haq Campus and Dr. Muhammad Zahid has been appointed as the Incharge of Gulshan Iqbal Science Campus.

The notifications further state that the appointed Campuses Incharge will be responsible for establishing administrative and educational systems in the absence of the Vice Chancellor, and they will also be able to implement educational, research, administrative, and financial resources in accordance with the laws.

It is evident that in the light of the notifications, the teaching and non-teaching staff at the respective campuses will report to the Campuses Incharge, and the notifications also state that the Incharge Campuses can provide guidance to the professors, officers, and employees regarding examination and administrative matters.

Regarding the financial powers of the University, the appointed Vice Chancellors of both campuses can also authorize expenditures and delegate any powers to any officer of the campus.

It is important to note that Dr. Zahida Khan Shinwari’s appointment was recommended by the Search Committee a few days before with the recommendation of former President of the country, Dr. Arif Alvi. The notification of her appointment was issued on February 27 and she took office as Vice Chancellor in Islamabad on March 4.

The delegation of responsibilities and powers to the appointed Campuses Incharge by the Vice Chancellor’s notification was made exactly one month after her joining.

It should be noted that just 4 days after her joining, a notification wrongly attributed the reversal of promotions of 5 professors who were promoted last year and was later rescinded, and now the lines of rescinding their promotions have also been issued.

So far, the University’s professors are still awaiting their February salaries, with the balances of January and February housing allowances pending. The March salaries will also be due in a few days, and these actions have come at a time when MQM Pakistan leader Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui also holds the charge of the Federal Ministry of Education.


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