Opposition leader in Venezuela names alternate in response to election ban | Latest Election Updates


Opposition leader María Corina Machado has named professor Corina Yoris as her replacement in the 2024 presidential race, as Machado herself remains banned from running for office. In a press conference on Friday, Machado threw her support behind Yoris, an 80-year-old historian and professor, to take her place in the upcoming election.

The decision comes amid international condemnation of President Nicolas Maduro’s administration for its alleged pressure campaign against Machado and her campaign members. The United States Department of State issued a statement denouncing the arrests of individuals close to Machado, including two members of her campaign team, Dignora Hernandez and Henry Alviarez.

Both Hernandez and Alviarez were arrested on conspiracy charges for allegedly fomenting violence, drawing criticism from human rights organizations and foreign governments. Despite the charges, Machado has denounced them as false and has continued to push for the release of all political prisoners.

Machado, who had been disqualified from running for office for 15 years due to her support of US sanctions, won the opposition primary in October with over 93 percent of the vote. However, she remains banned from holding public office in Venezuela, leading her to name Yoris as her replacement for the presidential race.

Yoris expressed gratitude for Machado’s trust and vowed to continue the fight for democracy in Venezuela. The opposition party faced a deadline on Monday to name a candidate for the presidential ballot, and Machado’s endorsement of Yoris ensures that the opposition’s voice will be heard in the upcoming election.


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