Khalid Maqbool vows to advocate for people’s rights in parliament as part of MQM-P agenda


The MQM-P celebrated their ‘record’ victory in the General Elections 2024 at Jinnah Ground in Karachi, with the party convener addressing the crowd. He stated that if the city’s constitutional rights are not given, they would consider leaving the parliament. The party’s MNA, including himself, would be sent home if they fail to fulfill their responsibility, he added. Elected MNAs and MPAs would also visit the “Shuhada Qabaristan’ (martyrs graveyard) to pay homage on Monday. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui emphasized the need to secure the rights of the people in Sindh urban areas, declaring that a 10-year golden era is beginning. He urged the participants of the celebration to take ownership of the next 10 years. The convener also expressed the party’s determination to show how to run the country, stating that those who can create a country can also run it. Senior Deputy Convener Syed Mustafa Kamal highlighted the party’s victory in the city, emphasizing that the people of Karachi stood beside the MQM-P. The celebration was held following the party’s victory from Karachi, where they secured 15 National Assembly and 25 Sindh Assembly seats. The MQM-P also achieved victory in two National Assembly and three Sindh Assembly constituencies from Hyderabad.


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