Israel’s Ongoing Conflict with Gaza: Milestones of Day 115 | Latest Updates on Israel-Gaza War


Iran has denied any involvement in the drone strike that killed three US troops near the Jordan-Syria border. Meanwhile, Israel has continued to hinder the delivery of aid to Gaza.

The recent developments as of January 29, 2024, include the deaths of three US soldiers and the injuring of dozens in a drone strike claimed by an Iran-backed group near the Jordan-Syria border. Additionally, Israel has impeded the delivery of aid to Gaza, with only eight planned UN missions successfully taking place since the beginning of January. This has led to complaints of discrimination and hate against Muslims and Palestinians in the US.

In terms of human impact and fighting, the Palestine Red Crescent Society buried three people as Israeli forces besiege the southern Gaza area. Israeli forces also shot and killed a man in the occupied West Bank. Israeli government officials have indicated that the war against Hamas could last for an extended period of time, potentially even a generation.

In terms of diplomacy, Iran has denied involvement in the drone strike, while Japan, along with several other Western countries, has announced the suspension of funding to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees. This follows allegations that some of the agency’s staff participated in attacks by Hamas. Countries like Jordan, Turkey, the World Health Organization, and Amnesty International have called for the reinstatement of funding for UNRWA.


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