Police in Pakistan report that a MQM-P worker was killed in a clash with PPP during the election campaign in Karachi’s Nazimabad.


A clash between MQM-P and PPP workers during an election campaign in Karachi’s Nazimabad resulted in the death of an MQM-P worker and a bullet injury to a PPP worker. The incident escalated into vandalism and arson, with vehicles belonging to PPP workers being set on fire. No arrests have been made so far, and an FIR will be registered after the funeral.

MQM-P leader Mustafa Kamal blamed the attack on PPP leader and former federal minister Dr Asim Hussain, while PPP leader Saeed Ghani claimed that MQM-P workers had been removing wall chalkings and flags from Karachi’s central district. Both parties accused each other of instigating the violence.

Kamal warned that the MQM-P would take the matter into their own hands if the state failed to protect them, while Ghani alleged that the entire incident took place under police watch.


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