Israel withdraws troops from southern Gaza as attacks continue for seventh month | Updates on Israel’s conflict with Gaza


The Israeli army has announced the withdrawal of most of its troops from Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, with a significant force remaining in the rest of Gaza to continue operations. The 98th commando division has completed its mission in Khan Younis and has left the area to prepare for future operations, while the 162nd division and Nahal brigade will remain in Gaza to maintain the IDF’s ability to conduct precise intelligence-based operations.

There are conflicting reports about the scale and duration of the withdrawal, with the military confirming the pullback to Reuters but not providing details on the remaining brigade. It is uncertain if this withdrawal will delay a potential incursion into Rafah, a move Israel has suggested is necessary to eliminate Hamas.

As Israel’s war on Gaza reaches the six-month mark, the International Court of Justice has described the situation as a “plausible case of genocide”. Talks for a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of captives taken by Hamas are underway in Egypt, where the withdrawal of Israeli forces is one of the conditions set by Hamas.

The Israeli offensive in Gaza, prompted by an attack by Hamas six months ago, has primarily targeted the southern part of the enclave, with Rafah now home to over a million Palestinians near the border with Egypt. The toll of the conflict includes hundreds of casualties and thousands of displaced persons, leading to dire warnings from the United Nations about the risk of famine.


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