Saudi Arabia: Important announcement regarding the sighting of the Eid moon


There is a possibility of Eid-ul-Fitr falling on the same day in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan this year. Riyadh: Today is the 28th day in Saudi Arabia and Eid may possibly be one or two days later, as an important announcement by the Saudi government has been made. According to Saudi media, the Supreme Court has appealed to the public to try and sight the moon for Eid on Monday, April 8, after Maghrib, and inform the local courts immediately upon sighting it. The statement by the Saudi Supreme Court said that according to Shariah, the moon can be sighted with the naked eye or through a camera. Eid will only be announced upon the sighting of the moon. It is to be noted that in Saudi Arabia, Ramadan started on March 11 and it is likely that the lunar month will be of full 30 days, indicating a strong possibility of Eid falling on Wednesday. In Pakistan, the moon is expected to be born on the night of April 8 at 11:21 pm and its age will be approximately 19 to 20 hours by the time of Maghrib prayer the next day. Therefore, the moon can be sighted on the 29th of Ramadan in Pakistan, and Eid may also be on Wednesday in Pakistan along with Saudi Arabia.


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