Europe pounded by powerful winds and heavy rainfall from Storm Ciaran


Storm Ciaran caused widespread destruction in northwestern Europe, resulting in the loss of two lives and significant disruptions to transportation and utilities. A truck driver in France and a woman in Spain were killed due to fallen trees. In France, 1.2 million households were left without electricity, and strong winds of up to 207 kph (129 mph) and massive waves were reported. Storm Ciaran was fueled by a powerful jet stream that brought heavy rain and fierce winds, causing flooding in Northern Ireland and parts of Britain. In addition to the fatalities, 15 people, including seven firefighters, were injured in France. Evacuations and relocations were carried out, with several houses evacuated in the city of Brest. The storm also impacted the south coast of Ireland. Measures were taken to advise people to stay at home and avoid traveling. However, the storm started to weaken in France as the weather service downgraded its alert level. In Britain, the Channel Islands experienced significant damage, including blown out windows and a roof being torn off a house. Airline flights, international trains, and shipping lanes were disrupted or cancelled in the affected regions. Spain issued red warnings for high waves in Galicia and Cantabria, and strong winds were recorded in ski resorts and coastal areas.


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