Karachi Police Report: Father Kills Minor Son after Dispute over Paternity Recognition


According to Karachi police, a man has admitted to murdering his young son because the child did not recognize him as his father after being adopted. The body of the child was subsequently found and underwent an autopsy at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, but immediate identification was not possible. On October 23, Amir reported his son missing in a First Information Report (FIR). According to the FIR, Amir and his wife went to a market in Saudabad on October 22, leaving their three-year-old son alone on a motorcycle. Upon their return, they discovered that the child was missing. Despite an unsuccessful search, the child could not be found. Amir registered the FIR under Section 364-A of the Pakistan Penal Code, which relates to kidnapping a person under the age of fourteen. On Wednesday, police detained Amir for interrogation after it was determined that the recovered body was that of the missing child. During questioning, Amir confessed to killing his son, claiming that a friend of his father-in-law had adopted the child into a wealthier family. Amir stated that he murdered his son because the child did not recognize him as his father. It is also mentioned that Amir was estranged from his wife.


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