China expresses deep concern about EU raids on security equipment company | Economy


The diplomatic mission strongly condemns the recent raids on Dutch and Polish offices of Chinese company Nuctech. China has expressed grave concern over the actions carried out by European officials, labeling them as unannounced inspections that interfere with fair competition in the market. The mission criticized the EU for not raising concerns directly with the company or Chinese authorities.

The mission believes that these inspections jeopardize the positive atmosphere of trade and economic cooperation between China and the EU, and send a negative signal to foreign companies operating in the EU. Protectionism is seen as harmful, and the mission urges the EU to honor its commitment to open markets and fair competition.

The remarks from the mission come after the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU also expressed serious concern over the raids, viewing them as a tool to suppress lawfully operating Chinese companies in Europe. Nuctech has stated it is cooperating with authorities to defend its reputation as an independent economic operator.

The European Commission conducted the raids as a preliminary investigative step under the Foreign Subsidies Regulation, citing concerns about market distortions caused by foreign subsidies. This marks the first such action taken by the commission since the regulation was adopted in July last year.


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