Bilawal Bhutto won’t be chosen as Prime Minister by the people of Lahore this time, says Rewriting the Title


Karachi: Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has said that the people of Pakistan will not elect the Prime Minister from Lahore this time. The results of the local elections in Karachi have proven that the people are with the Peoples Party.

Speaking to the media at a stadium, Bilawal Bhutto stated that the local elections in Karachi were a trailer for the February elections. The results of the local elections have shown that the people are with the Peoples Party, even when we were not in government.

He said that the solution to the people’s issues lies only with the Peoples Party. The country needs to be rescued from economic problems, poverty, and inflation, and only the Peoples Party government can play a role in ending poverty and providing employment.

Regarding the contact between Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari, he said that the news of their contact is old. We have not closed our doors for any group. We will continue to move forward according to our manifesto.

Bilawal Bhutto said that now we will form a government in cooperation with local and provincial authorities. We will prove it on February 8th. Victory will be ours. This time, the people of Pakistan will not elect the Prime Minister from Lahore.

He said that the President of the country allows to hold the position until the completion of the Electoral College, but the President has violated the constitution. The PML-N is demanding it today, but we have been saying it from the beginning, why was nothing done against the President in 15 months?

Bilawal Bhutto said that there is no room for forgiveness for those involved in the events of May 9th.

He further stated that the Election Commission has imposed restrictions on development schemes, but development activities are still ongoing in Punjab and at the federal level. On our brother Mohsin Naqvi’s request, the permission for an auto is granted in just one day, but the Chief Minister of Sindh is not giving permission. Sindh is being treated unfairly.

Expressing his views on terrorism, the chairman of the Peoples Party said that the party’s position against terrorism is clear. The weapons left behind in Afghanistan are in the hands of terrorists.


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