Artists around the world demand Israel’s exclusion from the Venice Biennale in response to the conflict in Gaza


The Art Not Genocide Alliance has criticized the Venice Biennale for allowing Israel to participate, stating that it is an endorsement of Israel’s genocidal policies in Gaza. Thousands of artists and cultural figures have called for Israel to be excluded from the art fair due to its military offensive in Gaza. ANGA points out that the Biennale has previously banned countries like Russia and South Africa for their actions, but has not taken a stand against Israel.

The international collective of artists and cultural workers believes that showcasing art from a state engaged in atrocities against Palestinians is unacceptable. They see any representation of Israel on the cultural stage as an endorsement of its genocidal policies. However, Italy’s culture minister has condemned this stance as “shameful” and stated that Israel has the right to express its art.

The Biennale is set to begin on April 20, with this year’s theme being “Foreigners Everywhere”. Despite the controversy, the event is seen as a space for freedom, dialogue, and expression. The signatories of the ANGA’s appeal include prominent figures in the art world, who believe that art cannot exist separately from the reality of the world and that the situation in Gaza must not be ignored.


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