784 Days of the Russia-Ukraine War: Recap of Significant Events | Latest Updates on the Conflict


As the war continues into its 784th day, here are the key updates as of Thursday, April 18, 2024.


– 17 people were killed in Chernihiv, Ukraine, after being struck by three Russian missiles. 60 others were injured, including children.
– In the Voronezh region, a woman was injured by falling debris after a Russian drone was taken down. Air defense also destroyed 14 airborne targets in the Belgorod region.
– Reports show that over 50,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the war in Ukraine.
– Colonel Serhii Pakhomov stated that Kyiv has recorded around 900 uses of riot control agents by Russia in the past six months, resulting in injuries and fatalities.
– Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced an attack on a Russian airfield in Crimea with explosions reported, but no damage.

Politics and diplomacy:

– The US House plans to vote on a $60bn aid package for Ukraine on Saturday.
– US President Joe Biden urged Congress to approve the aid package, emphasizing the critical moment in the conflict.
– China expressed the need for more work before a planned peace conference on the Ukraine war in Switzerland.
– Russia’s FSB arrested four individuals for allegedly sending money to Ukrainian armed forces and planning to join the military.
– France launched a war crimes investigation into the death of Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and producer Oleksandra Kuvshynova in Ukraine in 2022.
– Cybersecurity firm Mandiant warned of the increased threat posed by the cyber group Sandworm, linked to Russian military intelligence.


– President Zelenskyy appealed for more defense systems, comparing Ukraine’s need to that of Israel.
– Germany announced sending an additional Patriot air defense system to Ukraine, with calls for EU members to take action to boost Ukraine’s defenses.
– NATO plans to discuss providing more air defense systems for Kyiv.
– A crowdfunding initiative in Slovakia raised funds to buy ammunition for Ukraine after the government declined to send military aid.


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