Tragic Accident: Six Women Among Dead as Van Plunges Into Ravine in Mansehra


In a devastating incident, a passenger van carrying commuters from Battagram to Mansehra met with a fatal accident when its tires burst, causing the van to fall into a ravine. The driver lost control over the vehicle, resulting in the tragic accident.

Regrettably, the accident claimed the lives of six people, including two women, while 10 others suffered injuries. The deceased and injured individuals were promptly transported to the hospital with the assistance of rescue officials.

Unfortunately, this was not the only accident in the region. Just recently, in another horrifying incident near Babusar Top – Chilas, a car and a van collided, leading to the loss of eight lives and leaving nine individuals severely injured.

The collision occurred at Gati Das locality near Babusar Top, resulting in the death of eight tourists and injuries to nine others. Local residents and rescue teams immediately arrived at the scene for assistance and promptly transferred the injured people to the hospital.

According to reports, both the passenger van and the car fell into a deep ravine after the collision, which eventually caught fire. The unfortunate victims were all part of the same family from Sahiwal.

The Sahiwal family consisting of eighteen members was on their way to Babusar Top – Chilas when the tragic accident occurred, resulting in the loss of precious lives.

These unfortunate incidents highlight the urgency for improved safety measures on the roads to prevent such accidents. It is crucial for drivers and vehicle owners to ensure regular maintenance of their vehicles to avoid tire bursts and other technical issues that can lead to accidents.

Additionally, authorities should consider implementing stricter regulations and conducting regular inspections to ensure the safety of commuters traveling on these routes. Proper road infrastructure, including guardrails and warning signs near ravines and steep slopes, is necessary to mitigate such accidents.

Our deepest condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims. May they find strength and solace during this difficult time, and may these tragedies serve as reminders for everyone to prioritize road safety.


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