Will Sunil Kanugolu be able to topple India’s Modi, a decade after aiding in his victory? | India’s 2024 General Election


Sunil Kanugolu, a prominent political strategist in India, leveraged a small crack in a pillar supporting a lift-irrigation project to steer the Congress party to victory in Telangana last year. His mantra of emotional appeal over logic shaped a successful campaign that ousted the ruling party.

Kanugolu, known for his incognito style and preference for staying behind the scenes, has worked with both the BJP and Congress in shaping election campaigns. His strategic approach focuses on a single narrative and rallying the entire party around it, as seen in the recent Congress campaign in Karnataka that led to victory.

Despite challenges within the Congress and a tough political landscape against the BJP, Kanugolu is determined to make an impact in the upcoming national elections. His focus on key constituencies and state-level victories is aimed at building a path towards a nationwide success for the Congress.

By reshaping Rahul Gandhi’s image and focusing on a strong narrative that resonates with voters, Kanugolu is working towards a course correction for the Congress party. His emphasis on issues like a nationwide caste census and highlighting the BJP’s alleged corruption signals a strategic shift in the party’s campaign approach.

As India gears up for a crucial election, Kanugolu’s role as a master strategist will be pivotal in shaping the future of the Congress party and challenging the BJP’s dominance. With his focus on winning key states and building a strong narrative, Kanugolu is poised to make a significant impact in the upcoming political landscape.


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