Why are protestors in Israel rallying against Netanyahu’s government? | The latest news on Israel’s conflict with Gaza


Demonstrators have gathered outside government buildings across Israel to protest the ongoing war in Gaza, which has resulted in the deaths of over 32,000 Palestinians. Calls for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s resignation have emerged from the protesters.

Israeli police have used water cannons and physical force to attempt to disperse the crowds in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The protests have been ongoing for several days, with thousands of people gathering outside the Knesset in Jerusalem and flooding the streets of Tel Aviv.

Protesters are demanding early elections, the removal of Netanyahu, and a ceasefire deal in Gaza to secure the return of captives taken by Hamas. The demonstrations have grown in cities like Haifa, Be’er Sheva, and Caesarea.

The protests are putting pressure on Netanyahu both locally and globally, as he continues to advocate for military action in Gaza. However, there are doubts about the likelihood of Netanyahu resigning, as many Israelis support his approach. Nevertheless, calls for his resignation and early elections continue to grow.

Despite undergoing surgery for a hernia, Netanyahu has rejected calls for his resignation and early elections. He has emphasized his dedication to bringing back the hostages held by Hamas and has dismissed the idea of holding elections during this challenging time. Meanwhile, opinion polls suggest a decline in support for Netanyahu, with many Israelis preferring other leaders like Benny Gantz.


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