Unveiling the Mystery Behind the Audio Leak of Chief Justice’s Mother-in-law: Real or Fabricated?

Chief Justice Audio Leak

Audio Leak of chief justice

 What forced the company to post an audio leak of the chief justice’s mother-in-law? Why was the audio of the Chief Justice’s mother-in-law leaked after all? What can we conclude from this? Is the audio real or fake? Is the audio real but fabricated? Tried to find answers to all these questions?

A few days ago, three generals met chief justice Umar Ata Bandial inside the Chief Justice’s chamber, the meeting continued for hours.
The chief justice clarified that the decision that has been taken could not be reversed. After today’s audio leak, it can be said with sufficient confidence that the Chief Justice must have been threatened, which may include the threat of audio recording. However, after that meeting was inconclusive, a storm of abuse started against the Chief Justice on social media. In no subtle way, the chief justice is being threatened that if he does not back off now get ready for audio and video leaks!

After listening carefully to the audio, I have come to the conclusion that this audio has been mixed a lot of cut and paste can be clearly heard when you play the audio it was a poor job once again by Sadiyon ka beta and it also sounds possible that this audio is a mixture of conversations made at many different times!


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