US Students Support Gaza in Face of White House Blocks | Latest Updates on Gaza vs. Israel Conflict


In Washington, DC, Georgetown University students joined a protest at neighboring George Washington University to chant “free Palestine”. The protest aimed to show solidarity with Palestinians amid the war in Gaza and demand an end to their colleges’ complicity in Israel’s human rights abuses. The encampment set up at GW, near the White House, focused on highlighting the situation in Gaza and calling for a permanent ceasefire. The protesters, including students and activists, condemned Israel’s actions and called for divestment from companies linked to arming the Israeli military. Despite accusations of anti-Semitism, the protesters, many of whom are Jewish, continue to push for change. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s condemnation was refuted by US Senator Bernie Sanders, who defended the protesters’ right to call out the Israeli government’s actions. The student-led demonstrations hope to bring about tangible change beyond the campus. The joyful atmosphere at the protest contrasted with violent arrests at other campuses, with activists like Ziad expressing concern but remaining unafraid in their fight for Palestinian rights.


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