Karachi mein Markazi Maweshi Mandi Kab aur Kahan Sajegi?


Karachi: The central cattle market in the city will be set up in the first week of May next month on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.
According to sources, the cattle market for sacrificial animals in 2024 will be inaugurated next month from May 10, while the relevant authorities have selected a 1000-acre area for the cattle market at the third town Naderan Bypass.
According to sources, effective security arrangements have also been made in the cattle market, which includes continuous patrols with the appointment of police and rangers as well as police checkpoints. Additional facilities are also being added for traders and buyers in the cattle market, while a large parking area is being set up for the convenience of buyers.
It should be noted that the central cattle market in the city becomes a bustling fair where a large number of citizens not only come to buy their sacrificial animals but also come to see the beautiful animals brought for sale in the IPT blocks, keeping in mind the convenience of the citizens, temporary stalls including food courts and other essential items are also being provided within the limits of the cattle market.
As in previous years, this year also, large banks’ booths and ATMs will be set up for secure access to funds, while ambulances will be available 24 hours for any kind of emergency medical assistance.
According to sources, the cattle market, which provides a safe and comfortable environment for citizens to purchase sacrificial animals, is an important means of economic development for Pakistan, especially for the livestock sector, where thousands of traders from all over the country sell animals worth millions of rupees.
In the cattle market, free water supply of 30 liters per animal and free land supply for sacrificial animals brought for sale are also included. It is mandatory for all animals to undergo examination before entering the market, and a veterinary department certificate is also mandatory for the verification of animal health.


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