US Base in Syria Hit by Rocket Attack Launched from Iraq | News


The recent attack on US troops in Iraq was the first by Iranian-backed groups since they ceased their campaign in early February. Several rockets were launched from Iraq towards a US military base in northeastern Syria, originating from the town of Zummar. The attack occurred shortly after Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani returned from a meeting with President Joe Biden in the US.

Although a Telegram group affiliated with Kataib Hezbollah claimed that armed factions in Iraq had resumed attacks, Kataib Hezbollah denied issuing any such statement and called it “fabricated news.” Iraqi security forces confirmed that “outlaw elements” had targeted a base of the international coalition in Syrian territory. A search operation was launched in Nineveh province in Iraq, leading to the discovery of the vehicle used in the attack.

Despite more than five rockets being fired towards the coalition base in Syria, no US personnel were injured in what was described as a “failed rocket attack.” An aircraft from the US-led coalition retaliated by conducting a strike on the launch site in Iraq. Reports indicated that a small truck with a rocket launcher attached was destroyed and seized for further investigation in Zummar.

The incident followed an increase in attacks on US forces in the region, particularly after the conflict in Gaza erupted in October. In January, three US service members lost their lives and dozens more were injured in a drone attack near the Syrian border. Communication between Iraqi and coalition forces is ongoing to share information about the recent attack.


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