US authorities dismantle Gaza protest camp at George Washington University | Demonstrations Update


Law enforcement officials in Washington, DC have reported making arrests as part of a nationwide crackdown on student-led demonstrations in support of Palestinians in Gaza. The police dispersed a protest encampment at George Washington University, one of many set up on campuses across the country. The Metropolitan Police Department stated that the decision to intervene came after an escalation in the protest’s volatility. Multiple arrests were made for various offenses, including Assault on a Police Officer and Unlawful Entry. According to CNN, approximately 30 to 40 individuals were taken into custody.

These demonstrations are part of a global movement that has emerged since late April, condemning Israel’s military actions in Gaza, which have resulted in the deaths of nearly 35,000 Palestinians. Students are also calling on universities to divest from companies complicit in Israeli human rights abuses. Similar crackdowns have occurred at other US universities, with accusations of anti-Semitic language and creating unsafe environments on campus. However, students have refuted these claims, arguing that the focus should remain on the situation in Gaza.

US politicians, including President Biden, have criticized the Gaza encampments. A hearing on the response to the George Washington University protest has been scheduled by Republican Congressman James Comer, with testimony from Washington, DC’s mayor and Police Chief.


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