“Thousands Protest Against Argentina’s President Javier Milei, Calling Him a Traitor”


A massive strike in Buenos Aires, Argentina has brought the city to a standstill as workers protest against President Javier Milei’s far-right policies. The strike, called by the country’s largest labour union, reflects the urgency felt by Argentinians as Milei pursues radical economic and political reforms.

Protesters swarmed the streets of Buenos Aires to denounce Milei’s plans to privatise public industries and slash spending, with some accusing him of being a “traitor”. The high cost of living, steep increases in food prices, and the devaluation of the Argentinian peso have left many struggling to make ends meet.

Milei’s policies have led to record triple-digit inflation and an acceleration of already high inflation rates. A nationwide strike was called as Congress prepared to consider Milei’s “omnibus law”, which seeks to give broad legislative powers to the executive branch for an “emergency” period of one year.

Despite facing criticism and protests, Milei continues to enjoy broad support among Argentinians, with many believing his reform measures are necessary to improve the economy. However, there are concerns about the pace of the reforms and the impact on the people.

Nevertheless, Milei’s supporters remain optimistic that he will make good on his campaign promises, while his opponents hope to challenge his policies and potentially remove him from office.


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