The reasons behind Germany’s steadfast backing of Israel | Gaza Conflict in Israel


Germany has long been a strong supporter of Israel and its military actions in Gaza, leading some to accuse the country of complicity in what they allege to be a genocide. Nicaragua has even requested that the International Court of Justice intervene and stop Germany from exporting military goods to Israel. However, German lawyers have dismissed these claims as unfounded and biased, emphasizing that Germany is committed to upholding international humanitarian law.

Despite mounting criticism against Israel’s actions in Gaza, Germany has consistently maintained its unwavering support for the state’s security interests. As global opinion shifts, many wonder how Berlin’s steadfast alliance with Israel will be affected. Joining the discussion are Tobias Bacherle, a member of the German parliament and political scientist, John Kampfner, author and senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, and Shir Hever, Director of the Alliance for Justice between Israelis and Palestinians.


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