Teenager accused of ‘terrorism’ in Australia church stabbing incident | Crime Update


After the stabbing of Assyrian church bishop Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel during a service in Sydney, a 16-year-old Australian boy has been arrested and charged with committing a terrorist act. The boy, who was taken to the hospital following the attack, was charged in the children’s court on Friday morning. He did not appear in court and bail was not requested by his lawyer. If found guilty, he faces a potential life sentence.

The boy’s defense lawyer mentioned that arrangements were being made for a forensic psychologist to assess the boy for treatment, as he has a history of behavior consistent with mental illness. Police charged the teenager after searching electronic devices at his home and conducting an interview at his hospital bed.

The attack, which took place at the Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley, resulted in Bishop Mari Emmanuel being stabbed multiple times. The incident sparked a riot, with a crowd demanding the suspect be handed over to them. Police had to hold the teenager at the church for his safety after his arrest at the scene.

The riot led to clashes between the crowd and police for over three hours, resulting in injuries to more than 50 police officers and damage to 20 police cars. Investigations into the riot are ongoing.

Bishop Emmanuel, known for his popular youth following on TikTok, has faced criticism and trolling online. Despite the attack, he announced on social media that he had forgiven his attacker and was recovering quickly. His sermons cover a range of topics, from the Bible to criticisms of issues such as homosexuality, COVID-19 vaccinations, Islam, and the election of US President Joe Biden.


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