Syrian regime increases deployment of suicide drones | Breaking News


In Idlib, Syria, Syrian government forces have recently increased their use of FPV suicide drones to target military sites and civilian areas in villages and towns along the front lines. The White Helmets report 13 drone attacks this year, resulting in injuries to seven people, including two children. These drones, known as loitering munitions, are cost-effective and offer high accuracy in their strikes.

The use of FPV drones to attack civilians is condemned by the White Helmets, who warn of the devastating impact on lives and livelihoods. Munir Mustafa, deputy director of the organization, highlights the threat to food security and basic services, exacerbating the challenges faced by communities already devastated by years of war.

Produced domestically under Iranian-Russian supervision, FPV drones provide operators with an aerial view for precise targeting. Military sources reveal that these drones are manufactured in research labs under Russian and Iranian oversight. The Syrian government forces are expected to increase their use of suicide drones, with improved technology and more trained operators.

The high accuracy and low cost of FPV drones make them a preferred weapon for government forces in Syria. These drones have been used to target opposition forces along the front lines, causing significant destruction. While opinions differ on which foreign backer is guiding this increased use of drones, it is believed that Iran is providing the technology and training for Syrian soldiers to operate them effectively.


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