Sudan’s Original Janjaweed Leader Joins Forces with Army Against Tribal Foe


In a surprising turn of events in Sudan’s civil war, tribal chief Musa Hilal, infamous for leading the Janjaweed militias during the Darfur War, has resurfaced to support the army. Despite his past involvement in atrocities, Hilal has now aligned himself with the army in the ongoing conflict against the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF). This move has significant implications, as Hilal’s support could potentially undermine the base of army leader Hemedti, leading to potential infighting among nomadic tribes.

Hilal, a respected tribal leader within the Rizeigat tribe, has historically been at odds with the Sudanese government, even forming his own armed movement, the Revolutionary Awakening Council, in opposition to former President Omar al-Bashir. However, recent developments have seen him reconcile with the army, allegedly in exchange for financial and material support.

The shifting allegiances within the nomadic tribes of Darfur reflect a complex political landscape, with competing interests and historical rivalries at play. Amidst escalating violence and tribal conflict, Hilal’s decision to support the army may be driven by a desire to protect his community from ethnically motivated attacks and indiscriminate bombings. This move, though predictable in some respects, has the potential to reshape the dynamics of the conflict and further complicate an already volatile situation in Sudan.


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