Slovakia chooses a new president amidst ongoing debate surrounding the conflict in Ukraine | Latest on Election Results


The presidential election in Slovakia was a closely watched contest between pro-Western opposition candidate Ivan Korcok and Peter Pellegrini from the governing nationalist left coalition. The two candidates were neck and neck as voters went to the polls to choose a new president. Korcok, a former foreign minister, is a strong supporter of Slovakia’s EU and NATO memberships, while Pellegrini, a close ally of Prime Minister Robert Fico, is known for his pro-Russian policies.

The election was a tight race, with Korcok winning the first round of voting and Pellegrini finishing second. Both candidates squared off in a decisive second round, as neither had received the minimum 50 percent of votes in the first round. The outcome of the election will have significant implications for Slovakia’s foreign policy and relationship with Russia and Ukraine.

While Slovak presidents do not have many executive powers, they can veto laws and nominate constitutional court judges. Korcok has focused on preventing Fico and his coalition from gaining more executive positions, while Pellegrini has tried to paint Korcok as a warmonger for his stance on arming Ukraine.

Overall, the election highlighted the divide between pro-Western and pro-Russian factions in Slovakia, with the outcome determining the future direction of the country’s foreign policy.


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