Tragic Incident: Senior Doctor Commits Honor Killing in Karachi’s Gulshan-i-Iqbal


A heart-wrenching incident occurred in Karachi’s Gulshan-i-Iqbal area on Friday when a senior doctor took the lives of his teenage daughter and her friend in the name of “honor”. The police have confirmed the incident and are investigating the matter.

The father, identified as Rafiq Shaikh, is an esteemed MBBS-qualified doctor and currently serves as the chief medical officer at a government-run hospital. As per eyewitness accounts, the victims were sitting inside a car when the girl’s father indiscriminately fired shots at both of them. Preliminary investigations have revealed that this tragic act was motivated by the concept of “honor”.

The bodies have been shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for appropriate legal procedures. According to Dr. Summaiya Syed, the police surgeon, the girl sustained four gunshot wounds, while her male companion suffered eight bullet injuries.

The Sachal police have identified the girl as Laraib, aged between 16 and 17, and her male companion as Ahsan Waqar, aged 35. The incident took place at Bakhar Goth, near Chapal Plaza.

This incident adds to the alarming number of honor killings in Pakistan. Just earlier this year, a young woman was fatally shot by her own brother in Karachi’s Defense Housing Authority (DHA). The brother justified his actions by claiming that his sister had engaged in “illicit relations” with someone.

Honor killings remain a pressing issue in Pakistan, and society must come together to raise awareness and ensure the safety of individuals. It is essential to foster a culture of respect and equality, where no one feels the need to resort to such extreme measures.


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