Request for hearing of retired judges’ inclusion in Election Tribunals’ ordinance against ordinance governed by the ordinance


On June 3rd, a hearing will take place in the Lahore High Court – Photo: File

Lahore: A petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court against the Presidential Ordinance appointing retired judges to the Election Tribunal. Chief Justice Shams Mahmood Mirza of the Lahore High Court will hear the petition on June 3rd, which was filed by a citizen through advocate Nadeem Sarwar.

The petition includes the federal government and the Ministry of Law among other defendants.

The petitioner has taken the stance that the Presidential Ordinance is based on malice, and the Lahore High Court has already ruled on the appointment of the Tribunal. The petitioner argues that this Ordinance cannot be applied to the 2024 elections.

A request has been made to the Lahore High Court to declare the Presidential Ordinance illegal and unconstitutional, and to prevent its application until a final decision is made on the petition.


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