Putin blames ‘radical Islamists’ for Moscow concert hall attack, says ISIL/ISIS involved


Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated for the first time that the recent attack on a concert hall outside Moscow was carried out by “radical Islamists”, while also suggesting that Ukraine may have played a role. Eleven individuals have been detained in connection with the attack, which resulted in at least 137 fatalities after gunmen stormed the Crocus City Hall, opened fire on concert attendees, and set the building on fire.

During a televised meeting on Monday, Putin mentioned that the perpetrators were linked to radical Islamists and implied a connection to Ukraine, referring to them as the “neo-Nazi Kyiv regime”. He questioned why the terrorists attempted to flee to Ukraine after committing the heinous crime. Despite the Islamic State in Khorasan Province claiming responsibility for the attack, Putin did not mention this affiliation.

The investigation into the attack is ongoing, with four suspects already charged with terrorism. The search for victims is continuing, with numerous individuals still hospitalized. The suspects identified in the media were Tajik nationals, with some admitting to their involvement under questionable circumstances. Additional suspects have been detained, with some appearing in court on terrorism charges. Security has been heightened in Moscow as a precaution, with several security alerts leading to evacuations in the capital. Many are still mourning the tragic event.


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