Punjab – Pakistan sees 20 injured in violence linked to polls


On Thursday, 20 people were injured in various incidents of violence during election day in Punjab, according to reports. One major incident took place in Talagang of Chakwal, where four individuals were wounded in an armed clash between two groups. Despite initial claims from the police that the incident was unrelated to the election and instead stemmed from a feud between the groups, the injured parties were transported to a local hospital for treatment. The election took place under heightened security measures in Punjab, with over 130,000 police personnel deployed along with army, Rangers, and other law enforcement agencies. Injured individuals were mostly involved in physical clashes between workers and voters of rival political parties, with accusations of rigging being brought forth. The Punjab Police, Rangers, and the army played key roles in the three-tier security approach. Despite these incidents, no deaths were reported across the province. An Inspector General of Police emphasized the comprehensive strategy for election security and the use of over 32,000 CCTV cameras to monitor the process.


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