Investigation Launched into Misconduct Incident Involving Asif Ramadan by Police


Lahore police have taken notice of a recent incident of misconduct involving Asif Ramadan and have initiated an investigation into the matter. The CCPO Lahore has directed the SP Sadar to conduct a thorough investigation and submit a report within 24 hours.

Concerned authorities have been instructed to take strict action against the officials responsible for this incident, as stated by Bilal Siddique.

Earlier today, the Green Town police carried out a raid on a snooker club in Lahore, which was found to be operating beyond permissible hours. During the raid, the World Champion Ahsan Ramzan was arrested.

Ramzan was taken to the police station and detained in the lockup for approximately 15 minutes. Unfortunately, he reported experiencing verbal abuse during this time.

According to Ramzan, he repeatedly informed the police that he is the World Champion of Snooker. However, his pleas went unheard, and the abusive behavior persisted.

The authorities are now taking this matter seriously and are determined to hold the responsible individuals accountable for their misconduct.


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