Maryam Nawaz Extends Support to Rizwana, Teenage Housemaid


Maryam Nawaz, the chief organizer of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), visited General Hospital Lahore to inquire about the condition of Rizwana, a 14-year-old housemaid who was subjected to severe torture. During the visit, Maryam Nawaz had a conversation with Rizwana and expressed her concern over the inhumane treatment the girl had suffered.

Rizwana shared her painful experiences with Maryam Nawaz, revealing that her employer had beaten her mercilessly with sticks and even thrown acid at her. In an emotionally charged statement, Rizwana demanded that the judge’s wife be treated the same way she had treated the teenage girl.

After meeting Rizwana, Maryam Nawaz addressed the media and highlighted the importance of this case. She emphasized that this incident received attention due to media coverage, but there are numerous other similar cases that go unreported out of fear. Maryam Nawaz stressed the need for strict action against the alleged culprits, regardless of their social standing or influence.

The caretaker Health Minister of Punjab, Professor Javed Ikram, suggested that Rizwana may have been poisoned, although further confirmation is required. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also took notice of the Rizwana torture case and requested a detailed report from the caretaker chief minister.

The Incident

This heartbreaking incident unfolded when the wife of a civil judge named Asim Hafeez, who was deputed at the Federal Judicial Academy in Sargodha, allegedly subjected her teenage housemaid, Rizwana, to brutal torture. The judge’s wife accused Rizwana of stealing gold jewelry, which led to the extreme punishment.

Rizwana had been working as a servant at the civil judge’s house in Islamabad for six months, but she had not received any salary during her employment. The victim’s family shared that she endured severe physical abuse, including more than 15 visible torture marks on her face and body. Rizwana was immediately rushed to the District Headquarters Hospital for medical attention and was later referred to Lahore Hospital for further treatment. The police announced that the torture case would be registered at a police station in Islamabad.


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