Pellegrini’s election as Slovakia president brings a boost to pro-Russia PM Fico, according to reports.


Peter Pellegrini, the Slovak nationalist-left government candidate, has won the presidential election, solidifying the influence of pro-Russian Prime Minister Robert Fico over the country. With 53.26 percent of the vote, Pellegrini defeated pro-Western opposition candidate Ivan Korcok. Fico’s government has shifted towards more pro-Russian views and initiated controversial reforms, raising concerns over the rule of law and corruption.
Slovak presidents do not have extensive executive powers but can veto laws and challenge them in court. They also play a role in appointing Constitutional Court judges, who may be crucial in deciding the fate of Fico’s reforms.
Pellegrini’s victory means continued support for the government’s goals. He emphasized his commitment to peace and improving people’s lives. Pellegrini, a former deputy of Fico, became prime minister in 2018 after Fico resigned due to public protests over a journalist’s murder. With Pellegrini’s win, Fico has bounced back from previous presidential losses.
Opposition candidate Korcok conceded defeat and expressed disappointment, while Pellegrini pledged to continue Slovakia’s strong ties with the EU and NATO. Korcok, portrayed as a warmonger by Pellegrini, was critical of the fear tactics used in the campaign.
Despite the election outcome, concerns remain about Slovakia’s foreign policy direction and the potential impact of Fico’s reforms. Lynchpin issues include Ukraine’s military support and relations with Russia.


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