Nimra Khawar steps into the world of vlogging as well


After getting married to Hamza Ali Abbasi, actress Naimal Khawar had bid farewell to the world of acting. She had posted a video on her official Instagram handle in which she announced the launch of her YouTube channel.
In the post, she expressed her excitement about starting her YouTube channel and invited her fans to join her on this new journey. She also shared that the link to her channel could be found in her Instagram bio.
Although she has not yet uploaded any videos on her channel, Naimal Khawar has already garnered over two thousand subscribers. Known for her role in the drama serial “Anaa”, she tied the knot with Hamza Ali Abbasi in 2019 and welcomed their son Mustafa Abbasi in 2020.
Even though Naimal Khawar had previously bid farewell to the acting world after her marriage to Hamza Ali Abbasi, she continues to stay connected with her fans through social media.


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