Pakistan official confesses to participating in election result manipulation | Election Update


A senior bureaucrat in Pakistan has confessed to helping rig the country’s elections, following a week of controversy surrounding the legitimacy of the results. Liaqat Ali Chattha, commissioner of Rawalpindi, announced that he would step down from his position and turn himself in to the police after admitting to manipulating the election results in 13 national assembly seats, along with implicating other officials.
The confession has sparked protests in various cities, with thousands of people claiming that the elections were rigged. Meanwhile, political parties have reacted to Chattha’s statement, with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) calling for a fair investigation and trial of all involved in the alleged manipulation. Despite the controversy, a coalition led by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is set to form the next government.


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