Pakistan Halts Import of Russian Crude Oil: Sources


According to sources in the energy sector, Pakistan has decided to halt the import of crude oil from Russia. The decision was made due to the lower quantity of jet fuel and diesel obtained from Russian oil, resulting in fewer benefits for the country.

It has been revealed that Pakistani refineries have reduced further processing of Russian oil, leading to a 20% decrease in petrol obtained compared to Arab crude oil during the refining process.

Although it was previously reported that Pakistan had imported around 100,000 tons of crude oil from Russia, Pakistan Refinery has denied these claims.

Despite the halt in imports, energy sector sources have expressed confidence in the success of the endeavor with Russian crude oil. They have stated that Pakistan will resume processing Russian crude oil when it becomes available on favorable trade terms.

It is important to note that the decision to halt the import of Russian crude oil is subject to change depending on future trade terms and the overall demand for oil in Pakistan.

Stay tuned for more updates on the developments in Pakistan’s energy sector.

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