Mexico shares video of Ecuadorian police raid on its embassy in Quito | Politics Update


Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released video footage of the police raid on its embassy in Quito, Ecuador, condemning it as an “unauthorized and violent break-in”. The ministry criticized Ecuador for violating international agreements protecting embassies from law enforcement intrusion. The statement, published in both Spanish and English on Tuesday, highlighted the mistreatment of Mexican personnel by Ecuadorian police and the breach of embassy immunity.

The video captured the arrest of former Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas, who had sought refuge in the embassy after being convicted of corruption charges. The footage showed Ecuadorian police outside the embassy walls, with one officer climbing over the barrier with a gun. Inside the embassy, police entered through the door and confronted Mexican diplomat Roberto Canseco, who tried to block their path. Canseco was then thrown to the ground outside as he attempted to prevent law enforcement vehicles from taking Glas.

President Lopez Obrador addressed the incident during his daily news conference, emphasizing that Mexico would pursue legal action against Ecuador for violating international law. The tense situation resulted in Mexico severing diplomatic ties with Ecuador and recalling its staff from Quito. Tensions had escalated following comments made by President Lopez Obrador about Ecuador’s recent elections, leading to Ecuador declaring Mexico’s ambassador “persona non grata”.

The dispute intensified when Mexico offered political asylum to Glas, who was implicated in the Odebrecht corruption scandal. Despite being convicted and sentenced multiple times for corruption, Glas maintained that he was a victim of political persecution. The international community, including the United States, condemned the raid on the embassy, urging Ecuador to resolve the diplomatic dispute with Mexico. The Organisation of American States is scheduled to address the issue in a meeting in Washington, DC. Ecuador’s President defended his country’s actions, emphasizing Ecuador’s commitment to peace and justice. Meanwhile, Glas returned to prison in Guayaquil after refusing to eat following his arrest.


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