Mexico offers asylum to former Ecuadorian vice president amidst diplomatic dispute


During a diplomatic disagreement, Mexico granted asylum to Jorge Glas, a former vice president of Ecuador accused of bribery. Mexico’s foreign ministry stated that they had offered political asylum to Glas, who had been residing in Mexico’s embassy in Quito. They called on Quito to provide safe passage for Glas to leave the country, following his convictions for corruption. The ministry also criticized Ecuador’s increased police presence outside the embassy.

The tension between the two countries escalated when Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador made comments implying that violence had impacted Ecuador’s recent presidential elections during a news briefing. He referenced the assassination of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio and suggested that his death affected the election outcome. Ecuador responded by declaring Mexico’s ambassador persona non grata and asking her to leave the country.

Nevertheless, Lopez Obrador defended his remarks, stating that he was comparing the situation in Ecuador to the violence Mexico has witnessed in its own elections. Despite the escalating tensions, he emphasized that Mexico would not expel Ecuador’s ambassador in retaliation and claimed that there was no dispute between the two countries. Known for his outspoken nature, Lopez Obrador has previously caused diplomatic rifts with other countries due to his comments on regional politics.


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